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Couple Accommodation

Queen Mary has five family flats located at the Whitechapel campus, ranging from one to three bed flats.

Couples without children may be accommodated in one of the University's 4 x twin rooms in Floyer House, Whitechapel or 2 x twin rooms on the Mile end Campus.

Mile End

Albert Stern House - 

Chapman House - 


Floyer House -

Only one person needs to be a full-time registered student of the University to be eligible for couple housing. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining a twin room, you will need to seek housing in the private sector (please see alternative accommodation).

Alternative Providers for couples:

There are several non-profit organisations providing comfortable, affordable and secure accommodation for students in London.

Duncane Housing - 

Goodenough College Couple Accommodation - 

International Student House - 

Nansen Village  - 

University of London Intercollegiate Halls - 

Zebra Housing -

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