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QMUL accommodation

Living in QMUL accommodation has many advantages and living in a student community can be an important part of experiencing university life. A dedicated team of Residential Services and Support staff are responsible for the general welfare of residents and ensure that the residences are clean, comfortable and have a sense of community to promote an active academic and social life.

You may use this site to explore Halls of Residence options and find information about fees, application, arrival procedures and family accommodation. If you have any queries regarding accommodation, please contact Housing Services for assistance.  If for any reason, you are ineligible or do not wish to live in Residences, please go to


All quotes were provided by Queen Mary residents as part of the annual Residential Services and Support Survey.

“It is conductive for living, studying ... almost like home away from home.”

“I have the opportunity to live outside home as Queen Mary Residences are much more affordable than most other London university accommodation.”

“It really does feel like a small town or village. Everyone is friendly and you never feel lonely around campus. I also love the view of Canary Wharf from my bedroom!”

“Definitely meeting new people. There's a great community feel all around campus, and you end up with loads of friends everywhere.”

“Residences have a nice, safe and secure atmosphere outside of the hustle and bustle.”

“Close to friends, lectures, gym, supermarket, tube station, just very convenient and makes studying easier to focus on as less to worry about!”


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